What Difference in Academic IELTS classes in Tutorschool.vn?

- IELTS Academic Classroom Style Flexible: long-term, intensive, small class sizes.

- Ensure output scores for students. With an effective strategy, we ensure that after the course, your point reached 6+ Speaking, writing point 6.5

- Teaching Methodology "learning by doing" in the Academic IELTS classes: In addition to the school with teachers, students receive free tutoring for the tutors, using English as the primary language in the tutoring hours .

- Learn speaking with native teachers at Academic IELTS: Students will be correct pronunciation guide answering efficient use of natural idioms and rally.

- Academic writing teacher effectiveness with specialized training in IELTS Academic writing, students will understand the recommended format, how to handle each specific question, and skills training to find reviews (brainstorming). Move away from school writing dry form, to give way to learn to write translated from Vietnamese into English unnatural, with the participation of native teachers specialized in teaching posts in the marking and feedback, writing is no longer a Obstacles to the learner.

- Students are writing and editing regular articles in Academic IELTS classes: Each article is correct about the idea, how to reason, the style and simple errors of grammar and vocabulary. Learning from mistakes is the most effective method of learning.

- The article was edited by native teachers.

- Great team teaching assistant. Students will be placed in a real conversation situation to use the language of a sudden and very cute from the tutors.

- The overall target level points: 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 (each level lasts 10 weeks)

- Fees: 8.0 million / 10-week courses.

- Time:

+ Class Morning: 9: 00-12: 00am

+ Class Afternoon: 2: 00-5: 00pm

+ Grade Dinner: 6: 00-9: 00pm

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